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Mission – The mission of Work Opportunities is to promote self-determination, self-respect, and valued participation in the community for persons with disabilities through work.

Vision – We envision Work Opportunities as the leader in our community in making it possible for persons with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of community life. We see persons with disabilities making their own choices from a full range of options in employment opportunities, social and recreational activities, health services, educational opportunities, and living arrangements. We envision an accessible community, free of barriers, shared by accepting and supportive fellow citizens.


  • The need for increased options in employment and lifestyle
  • The value of work and/or skill acquisition as a means to increase inclusion and participation within the community
  • A focus on abilities rather than disabilities
  • The necessity of individualized services
  • The importance of health and safety
  • The right to make self-determining choices
  • Increased access to community resources and activities
  • The need for acceptance and support by the community
  • The need to promote understanding within the community of all aspects of disability

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