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Sound Child Care Solutions

Mission – To create high quality, culturally relevant education for all children through the collaboration of early learning centers.


  • Engaged Learning – We value curiosity and reflection for adults and children, and we believe that this leads to a journey of life-long teaching and learning.
  • Collaborative Relationships – We value mutual respect, reciprocity, and collaborative decision-making among children, families, staff and educators, and we believe that this builds strong and equitable communities
  • Joyful Work – We value playfulness, purpose, and passion in the classroom as well as in the office, and we believe that adults can draw inspiration from children’s lively minds.
  • Social Justice – We value cultural democracy, overcoming bias, and undoing racism, and we believe that children and adults can only thrive in a world where inequalities are noticed and actively challenged.
  • Shared Accountability – We value transparency, individual contributions, organizational integrity, and community partnerships, and we believe that this fosters a sense of being held accountable and responsible to each other.
  • Intentional Practice – We take pride in our work, innovation, and going beyond conventional ideas of quality experiences for children, and we believe that creates a sustainable quality of life for ourselves and generations to come.
  • Sustainable Community – We value shared services, fiscal integrity, and healthy living, thus creating balance in our lives and longevity in and for our world.

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