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  • Mission – Our mission is to engage Pacific Northwest citizens in social issues by providing compelling, changemaking investigative and explanatory journalism.
  • Project submission – Our investigative team need a website update, overhaul, OR a separate story-specific website that can host an important story series we are launching on going carbon neutral in the Pacific Northwest. Our current website (WordPress, Largo) is outdated and challenging to update. We have to call a consultant to change almost anything, and it is expensive. We could use a new website (with better design) that will appeal to a younger generation of users, and that is also mobile-friend/compliant. (2019 is the first year readers used their phones as much as they read news on computers.) We would like to make our story series full of multi-media, including video, audio, etc. But what we have right now was designed for text, and journalism has obviously changed in the last 10 years! Additionally, we will be rebranding in 2021, so we will need to have more autonomy over the website to update fonts, colors, graphics, etc.
  • Check out their short video!
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