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Global Visionaries

  • Global Visionaries
  • Mission – Global Visionaries facilitates a multi-year youth leadership program with an emphasis on social justice and environmentalism. We work with a deliberately diverse group of high school students from the Greater Seattle area.

    Through experiential activities, workshops, retreats, community service, and a two-week cultural immersion to Guatemala, GV prepares Seattle-area high school students to define and address environmental and social justice issues in their communities while developing as leaders and becoming more aware of their global citizenship.

    First Year participants who complete the program are encouraged to join our Advanced Leadership program. Advanced participants lead their First Year peers through all aspects of the program, including though activities, retreats, as well as through service on GV’s Board of Directors.

    We believe that truly empathetic leadership is best developed through interactions with a diverse group of peers. Thus, our goal is to recruit program cohorts made up of 50% youth of color and 50% white youth; 50% youth from families with a household income below the Seattle median household income and 50% youth from families with household income above the Seattle median household income.

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