Alliance of People with Disabilities

Alliance of People with disAbilities

  • Mission –  The Alliance of People with disAbilities was established in 1977 to serve the residents of King county, and has offices’ located in Seattle and Redmond.  Our staff strives to provide empowering opportunities to individuals with disAbilities through resource referrals and private independent living plans.
  • 2014 – Work Request:
    We want an application to specifically communicate with disabled youth in our youth group. The application (possibly Facebook or twitter based) to push content and distribute responses to our youth group. These could include:

    1. Employment: job board for young adults, discussions, mentor matchup, trying on job oportunities, places to source appropriate clothing for work
    2. Cooking with a Disability: Lunch ideas, cooking solutions, ask a chef
    3. Dating and Disability: Just Ask Advise for Today, Resources, Disability Dating Ideas
    4. Be Prepared: Emergency Prep for teens, disaster checklist, how to find your friends after a disaster, first aid classes
    5. Art Gallery: Your Artwork section, what’s new, Art happenings
    6. About: Events, Moderator, Becoming a Submitter, Becoming a Mentor, app sponsors

    Current System:
    We are currently using WordPress on a linux server.
    We also use Facebook but none of their APIs
    Assume most users and maintainers are NOT tech savy
    Technology Preference: We are in a separate effort building a WordPress web site and have Facebook presence but this could be considered green field