Seattle GiveCamp 2018 Call for Proposals is now open.

Submitting a Proposal

There's five basic steps to submitting a winning proposal for Seattle GiveCamp 2018:
  1. Read carefully the call for proposals which you likely received as an email. Can't find the email? No problem, checkout the Call for Proposals here.
  2. Study the Rules and Guidelines.
  3. Block off your calendar for the weekend of Oct 26-28.
  4. Brainstorm a software need that your organization wants to fill & that furthers your mission.
  5. Complete the Seattle GiveCamp 2018 Nonprofit Application by August 31st. If you can, try to get it in by the earlybird deadline of August 20th. Tip: if you would like to review the appplication prior to completing it, you can download the PDF copy of the application. Do note, however, when submitting, you must use the online survey version of the application.