About Seattle GiveCamp

Seattle GiveCamp Background and History

The first Seattle GiveCamp hackathon was held on January 14-16, 2011 in the Microsoft Commons. Since that first gathering of volunteers and nonprofits, Seattle GiveCamp has become a regular annual event, occuring every October at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. In recent years, we have consistently attracted over 100 volunteers. In fact, for the last three years, we had to close volunteer registration several weeks early because of an overabundance of generous volunteers. Since that first event in January of 2011, we have delivered over a 150 completed projects. This page helps to document our history.

Seattle GiveCamp 2019

During the weekend Oct 18-20, 2019, around 75 volunteers (plus 10 support volunteers) completed solutions for 10 wonderful nonprofits.

  • Cancer Pathways -- Better organize and display "Cancer Happens" Teen Writing contest articles from the past 13 years on their WordPress website.
  • Freedom Project -- They need a redesign of their Wordpress site to help recruit donors and volunteers. They would also like discussion forums including member only discussion forums for their volunteers.
  • Friendship Adventures -- need a better, cloud based, data storage system that will allow participants/registrants to use our website to submit electronic registrations, informational forms, and other information. Currently we data entry all of this- it's time consuming- and use dropbox to share that info with the volunteer chaperones. Fillable online forms and a way to upload identity would relieve a lot stress.
  • iD.A.Y.dream -- Website refresh, setting up mailchimp, and basic training on how to use the tools to make updates herself. Additional ask to move from classy donation to paypal if there is time.
  • Neurological Vocational Services Unit -- WordPress website was built with GiveCamp and through the number of years, it seems like the wordpress template is no longer supported. We would love for a new refresh to our website to support some of our functional aspects of our everyday operation.
  • PeaceTrees Vietnam -- We are hoping that Seattle GiveCamp can create an interactive project map that will allow us to effectively show our impact to our community. Would be map of their projects in Vietnam.
  • Roots Young Adult Shelter -- Roots is unhappy with the complexity of their existing WordPress-based website. They would like to move the website to Wix to make it easier to maintain and use.
  • Special Bunny Rabbit Rescue -- They are currently on Square Space and are interested in moving to WordPress but staying with Square Space my also be an option.
  • Street Youth Ministries -- Tweaks to system worked on last year at GiveCamp. Built on ASP.NET and MySQL.
  • Transplant House -- They would like software that can efficiently check in patients and also check them out (like a hotel) but that has other capabilities we can use to bill Medicaid and keep good records for statistical reporting

Seattle GiveCamp 2018

In 2018, around 125 volunteers worked on solutions for 12 amazing non-profits.

OrganizationBrief Project Description
La Leche League of Washington Migrate Drupal website to WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, or a similar website platform.
Northwest Green Chemistry Replace Google Sheets-based tool for workflow with a better solution and integrate with their SquareSpace website.
Seattle Ladies Choir WordPress website makeover. Current design is quite old.
Southwest Seattle Historical Society Create walking tour of small museum as single page application within WordPress website.
Solid Ground Take prototype of text-alerting system created using SharePoint, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, complete it and move it into production. The creator of the prototype will be part of the team.
Image Journal Create mobile app (iOS and Android) using progressive web app (pwa) technology.
Seattle Theatre Group Create web-based game that low-income community members would use to reveal a discount code to win free tickets to STG performances.
Street Youth Ministries Debug and fix and enhance existing client management system built using MySQL (or SQL Server) and ASP.NET.
Zero Waste Washington Create responsive web-based counting program for litter counting project. The scope is to create a prototype that might eventually become a mobile app at a later date (or GiveCamp).
St. Stephen Housing Association Redesign and migrate custom website to WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, or a similar website platform.
United Indians of All Tribes Foundation WordPress redesign or perhaps migrate site to Wix or SquareSpace to make easier to maintain.
University of Washington Botanic Gardens Rare Plant Care and Conservation Migrate Microsoft Access-based database to SQL Server and connect to ASP.NET-based website. Link existing Access user interface to SQL Server tables.

Seattle GiveCamp 2017

In 2017, we decided to try an experiment and work exclusively on mobile apps. It was a learning experience but we did produce a number of great mobile apps for worthy organizations.

OrganizationBrief Project Description
Queen Anne Food BankA mobile app to allow organizations and individuals to donate food.
Financial Empowerment NetworkA mobile app to find resources for FEN's clients.
Volunteer Park TrustThe Volunteer Park Walking Tour mobile app.
Northwest School for the DeafA tutoring and evaluation app that teachers and students use on tablets.
Operation Sack LunchAn app for matching donors to donate food to OSL.

Seattle GiveCamp 2016

Here are the non-profit organizations and a brief summary of the workplan for the 24 non-profits prior to the start of Seattle GiveCamp 2016.

OrganizationBrief Project Description
One Equal Heart FoundationA new website that better explains our mission and programs.
YWCA Seattle, King, and SnohomishWe hope a volunteer team will help build an embeddable map of Washington featuring housing projects that were supported by the state's Housing Trust Fund (HTF).
Housing Development ConsortiumBuild a CRM to better access and catalog our diverse member base.
Somali Youth and Family ClubBuild a website.
TransitionsCase Management System and a Service Delivery System.
Seattle Healthy Kids CoalitionNeed to jump start a social media presence (web site, FB, Twitter) for an emergent Seattle-based coalition.
Washington Healthcare Access AllianceWeb and mobile-accessible health care resource page that can easily be updated by staff.
Healthy Food AmericaWe would like to have an educational game built that we can use to both recruit supporters and help people learn about the actions they can take to knock sugar back to healthy levels.
Sibling HouseBuild a new website.
Soccer2UniteBuild a new WordPress website.
Bike WorksWebsite refresh and update.
Washington State Parks FoundationAdd a trip report system to existing SGC-built website.
Circle of ChildrenNew WordPress website.
True Grace Covenant Organizations Reaching People ServicesMigrate website to WordPress and fine tune.
Recovery CafeCreate a web-based time-tracking system.
Neurology Vocational Services UnitRefactor and improve efficiency and user interface of existing Access database.
Global VisionariesBuild WordPress website.
Out In Front SeattleWebsite redesign.
SCIDpda Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation & Development AuthorityRefactor and improve efficiency of existing Access database for Congregate Meal Program.
AmaraCreating S.T.A.R. (Strong, Tough And Resilient) Mentorship Program designed to connect adopted youth with adult adoptees and adults who have aged out of the foster care system.
VenturesBuild an online directory of our client-businesses that is fully navigable by the public, searchable, and filterable.
Tiny Trees PreschoolWe would like to install and customize an online database (Salesforce or equivalent wordpress plugin) to manage our online registration system.
Athletes for KidsDetect security vulnerabilities in our web site and apps. Alternately, use SalesForce to create online Mentor & Mentee system.
Northwest HarvestCreate a website to match growers to food banks and allow them to communicate.

Seattle GiveCamp 2015

When/where: October 3-5, 2015 at Microsoft Commons, Redmond, WA.
Co-leaders: Paul Litwin and Suzanna Litwin.
Planning Committee: Mike Roshak, Sabra Goldick, Charlie Rundles, Adrienne Kreft, Rena Cummings, Julie St. George, Claire Petersky, Edmund Tse, Sujith Gowda.

About 200 volunteers helped to build solutions for 25 non-profit organizations:

  • Hunger Intervention Program
  • OneWorld Now!
  • Boyer Children’s Clinic
  • Changes Parent Support Network
  • East African Community Services
  • Environment Science Center
  • Facing Homelessness
  • Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss
  • Green Plate Special
  • KCSARC (King County Sexual Assault Resource Center)
  • La Leche League of Washington
  • Listen and Talk
  • Many Lights Foundation
  • Meadowbrook Community CARE
  • North Helpline
  • Page Ahead Children's Literacy Program
  • Puget Sound Old Lesbians Organizing for Change
  • PUP Dog Rescue
  • Queer Foundation
  • Rotary First Harvest
  • Seavuria
  • TB Photovoice
  • Washington State Parks Foundation
  • Young Shakespeare
  • Workshop Youth in Focus

Seattle GiveCamp 2014

When/where: October 3-5, 2014 at Microsoft Building 37, Redmond, WA.
Leader: Mike Roshak.
Planning Committee:Paul Litwin, Suzanna Litwin, Sabra Goldick, Charlie Rundles, Edmund Tse, Sujith Gowda.

About 140 volunteers helped to build solutions for 20 non-profit organizations:

  • Washington Food Coalition
  • Bike Works
  • Changes Parent Support Network
  • Acres of Diamonds
  • Teen Link Crisis Clinic
  • Evergreen City Ballet
  • Feet First
  • Global Visionaries
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust
  • Neurology Vocational Services Unit
  • SeaChar
  • Seattle Humane Society
  • Alliance of People with Disabilities
  • Seattle Neighborhood Greenways
  • Tiny Trees Preschool
  • Transplant House
  • Youth Tutoring Program
  • Urban Family
  • Puget Sound Blood Center
  • Seattle GiveCamp WebSite

Seattle GiveCamp 2013

When/where: October 11-13, 2013 at Microsoft Commons, Redmond, WA.
Co-leaders: Paul Litwin and Suzanna Litwin.
Planning Committee:Michael Roshak, Charlie Rundles, and Sabra Goldick.

About 125 volunteers helped to build solutions for these 20 non-profit organizations:

  • Bike Works
  • Neurology Vocational Services Unit
  • Kitsap Community Foundation
  • Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest
  • ChangeStream Media
  • Rotary First Harvest
  • NWDance.net
  • Washington Food Coalition
  • Open Doors for Multicultural Families
  • Treehouse
  • Lifelong AIDS Alliance
  • Sound Child Care Solutions
  • Jolkona
  • Washington Wild
  • Southwest Youth and Family Services
  • ROOTS Young Adult Shelter
  • Fabric of Life
  • Timebanks of Puget Sound (TOPS)
  • Housing Consortium of Everett & Snohomish County

Seattle GiveCamp 2012

When/where: October 19-21, 2012 at Microsoft Commons, Redmond, WA.
Leader: Ruth Walter.
Planning Committee: Paul Litwin, Suzanna Moran, Michael Roshak, David Rogers, and Sabra Goldick.

About 80 volunteers helped build solutions for these 17 non-profit organizations:

  • Center for Ethical Leadership
  • ChangeStream Media
  • EarthCorps
  • Eastside Friends of Seniors
  • El Centro de la Raza
  • Get Schooled
  • Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center (HSDC)
  • Nature Vision
  • Nourishing Networks Institute
  • Plumbers Without Borders
  • Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society
  • Queen It's A New Day
  • Rotary First Harvest
  • Southwest Youth and Family Services
  • Vittana.org
  • Washington Basic Food Employment Training Program
  • Work Opportunities

Seattle GiveCamp Fall 2011

When/where: October 21-23, 2011 at Microsoft Commons, Redmond, WA.
Leader: Paul Litwin.
Planning Committee: Eduardo Jezierski, Bridget Lewis, David Rogers, Karl Shifflet, Ruth Walther, Suzanna Moran, and Kerry Gates-Nunn.

About 90 volunteers helped create solutions for these 17 non-profits:

  • Eastside Friends of Seniors
  • Washington Attorneys Assisting Community Organizations
  • Domestic Abuse Women's Network - DAWN
  • Architects Without Borders - Seattle
  • Alliance of People with disAbilities
  • Millionaire Club
  • Learning Disabilities Association of Washington (LDA WA)
  • Music for Life Institute
  • Neighborcare Health
  • Floating Bridge Press
  • El Centro de la Raza
  • Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center
  • Seattle Kannada Sangha
  • Mychal Rushwald Scholarship Fund
  • Rotary First Harvest
  • Something Real Productions
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - Seattle

Inaugural Spring 2011 Seattle GiveCamp

When/where: January 14-16, 2011 at Microsoft Commons, Redmond, WA.
Leader: Ali Denali.

About 80 volunteers helped these 15 non-profits:

  • Capitol Hill Alano Club
  • St. Vincent de Paul Society of Seattle/King County
  • Alliance of Nonprofits Washington State
  • AtWork!
  • Tessera
  • Domestic Abuse Women's Network (DAWN)
  • Faith in Action
  • The Haitian Sustainable Development Foundation
  • Rotary First Harvest
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of King County
  • AlleyCat Acres
  • Washington Poison Center
  • Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center
  • Alliance of People with disAbilities
  • Auburn Youth Resources