Seattle GiveCamp 2017 is Now Accepting Proposals for Mobile App Solutions

Seattle GiveCamp is now accepting proposals from Seattle-area nonprofits interested in mobile device applications that run on Apple iOS, Android, or Microsoft phones and tablets. In case you are not familiar with us, Seattle GiveCamp is a “hackathon for good,” taking place over a weekend during October, where programmers, designers, and other software professionals donate their time to create custom software for nonprofit organizations. In the past, that custom software would have been a web site, desktop app, or other solution. This year, we have decided to focus exclusively on building mobile applications.

And while all the magic will happen that weekend in early October, a lot of preliminary work must be done before that time, including raising money from sponsors, buying t-shirts, ordering food and drink, enrolling volunteers, and, most importantly, reviewing the proposals to pick the projects that are both worthy and doable. That’s why it’s important to get your proposal in soon.

Our submission process is pretty simple: complete the online application form (see below) which includes a number of detailed questions about your organization and your proposal. But first, you might want to spend some time coming up with a good idea. Maybe the idea is for that killer mobile app you’ve always wanted but never had the resources to create. Or perhaps you have an existing mobile app that you wish to rework. Or maybe you never thought of doing a mobile app but this email has inspired you. It doesn’t matter how the idea came about, as long as you complete the application form by the deadline. And do realize that while the event is at no cost to you, one of the requirements is that you need to be onsite during the Seattle GiveCamp event for several hours each day.

Nonprofits are invited to submit proposals at At this URL, you will also find information outlining the rules and guidelines for submitting proposals as well as the link to the online application form. Please make sure you read the rules and guidelines completely before you begin! The early bird deadline for proposals is July 9, 2017. There is also a second deadline of July 23, 2017, but your chances of scoring a slot at Seattle GiveCamp 2017 are significantly better by getting your proposal in by the early bird deadline.

Want to learn more about Seattle GiveCamp? Just visit our website at Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at the address below my signature. Thank you and good luck.