FAQs for Developers

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be wireless internet available?


Will there be food and drink or do I need to bring my own?

We will have lots of food and drink. Expect munchies, soda, coffee, pizza, etc. If you are on site for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, you will not go hungry! See agenda page for meal info. If you have any unusual food/drink requirements, we have made every effort to accommodate you but you are also welcome to supplement by bringing your own stuff!

Will there be a printer available?


I’m a student can I volunteer?

Yes, students will be paired with more experienced developers depending on the project and number of students participating.

How late can we stay?

You can stay all night. There are limited access to showers in the mornings.

Can we form our own teams?

Yes, in fact forming your own team is encouraged! When you register, please enter your team’s name in the Team Name field. Please confirm that everyone on your team has completed an application and are all using the same Team Name.

Can I use third-party components?

We will be providing each charity with all of the software they need to maintain, update and extend their applications. We are working to establish partnerships with third-party component providers to assist with free licenses for the charities.

Will there be whiteboards available for our use?


When do you have to finish by?

Sunday mid-day-ish.

What about parking?

You can park for free in the Microsoft parking garage. See location page for more info.

What should we bring?

Can I pick the project I work on?


How much time do we have to code?

The whole weekend! The main event starts Friday evening and GiveCamp staff will be on-site 24/7 to help support you. You can stay the whole time or leave and return.

Do I need to bring my own computer?

Yes. We will NOT be providing computers for people to work on. Laptops are preferred, but if you only have a desktop, we will make arrangements to host desktops as well.

What technologies can I use?

You can only use technologies that have been released. It is highly recommended someone on your team is experienced with the technology you are working with, and all technology choices should match the problem the charity is trying to solve. While this is a great learning opportunity for developers, please remember this event is for the charities and you do have to deliver a working application at the end of the event – not an opportunity to show off how amazing your developers skills have become.

What will the work environment be like?

Fun & Exciting!